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Life Child Educational Welfare Society is an autonomous body which works solely for the upliftment of the society and is under oath of bringing social and communal harmony by all means possible. This NGO has avowed to make world a better place so that humanity can flourish and evolve in a better way. The Society is a non-profit organization for the welfare of the people especially in the field of Women, Child, Education, Learning, Research, culture, medical relief, service for humanity and eradication. Our principal motive is to promote the culture which we got from our forefathers as gift, to take it forward and embrace it. India is a country with great heritage value and can be termed as the country with superior cultural values. The role of Life Child Educational Welfare Society comes into play as we are under pledge to safeguard our culture whether it is tangible or intangible. Tangibility of our precious culture can be understood as the monuments and buildings with great value from cultural and religious point.

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